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May 27 2014

2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

by My Inner Space

The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is under way, and entries will be accepted for another six weeks, until June 30, 2014. First prize winner will receive an 8-day Alaskan expedition for two. National Geographic was once more kind enough to allow me to share some of the early entries with you here, gathered from four categories: Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments. Photos and captions by the photographers. [30 photos]

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Mirror Wave. The Wave at the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument (Arizona/Utah), after a heavy thunderstorm with a small pond granting a perfect mirror for the reflection of the hiker. A calm and solemn place at a perfect day.(© Nicholas Roemmelt/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Living on the Tundra. A young Nenet boy in Siberia plays in -30 degrees.(© Simon Morris/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Diver in Magic Kingdom. Green Lake (Grüner See) is located Tragöss Austria. In spring snowmelt raises the lake level about 10 meters. This phenomenon, which lasts only a few weeks covering the hiking trails, meadows, trees. The result is magical to watch diving landscapes. (© Marc Henauer/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Mangiabarche. Lighthouse Mangiabarche (eater of boats) A very wild coast off Calasetta, Sardinia, Italy.(© Enrico Puddu/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

One eye on you. A short-eared owl stretching and relaxing in a nature reserve in Kuwait.(© Mohd Khorshid/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Master and Commander. The Queen Mary 2 is the largest ocean liner in the world and her captain, Kevin Oprey, got a fresh view of her size and majesty when he stood on the ship’s bulbous bow, which protrudes from the front of the 151,200 tonne liner, to pose for a portrait with his ship.The photograph, taken to mark the tenth anniversary of the liner in May this year, were shot while she was docked at sea near Benoa off the coast of Bali. (© James Morgan/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

A Magical Evening. I have always dreamed of one day seeing the Northern Lights. On a recent trip to Iceland I drove to the iceberg lagoon and soon after dark they came out and what a show it was! The lights were out for only a brief time as soon the clouds rolled in but my dream became a reality! (© Craig Tissot/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Disappearing Domes at Sunset. Sunset spotlights the beauty of these disappearing dome houses that are slipping slowly into the ocean. Cape Romano, Marco Island, Naples, Florida. (© Michele Cole/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

A "Photo" Finish. A Dall's porpoise races the Seabird and wins! I am the person (photographer)in the red National Geographic arctic jacket. Essentially everything is a reflection except some water and the porpoise. Elfin Cove-Glacier Bay entrance area, Alaska.(© Robbie-Lynore Robinson/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Polar Bear. I waited eight days in very cold and windy weather in order to capture this image of a mother polar bear peeking out of her den at sunset. It was reported that she emerged from her den on day 10 after I left the park, in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.(© Christine Haines/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Children from the Indian city of Agra go to school in a typical city transport.(© Svetlin Ivanov/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Macaque. Adulte macaque staring at me while I was photographing him in Paris, France.(© Bruce Thionville/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Winter Cave. One of the local ice guide guys arriving at a remote ice cave in southeast Iceland.(© Marcelo Castro/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

U Bien Bridge Crossing. Locals, monks, kids, tourists, all walking on U Bien bridge made out of teakwood, in Amarapura, South of Mandalay, Myanmar. (© April Badilles/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Sometimes bats are beautiful. These tiny bats were barely visible under some large leaves in a rainforest park in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. A bit of good luck and light as we went by enabled me to get this shot.(© Brendene Barkley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

A Guides Eye View. Two mountain guides direct a helicopter into land high in the Swiss Alps on top of Mt. Gond. I took this shot whilst shooting an extreme ski and snowboard competition - the Nendaz Freeride FWQ. I had been dropped just before on the peak and with the permission of the guides cowered down behind them to capture this shot when the remaining supplies were delivered. My lens took a bit of a battering and I could only hold myself in position properly for a few seconds as the rush of snow debris was insane at this point.(© Philip Field/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

A Land Before Time. Monument Valley, Sunrise. For four mornings in a row I was up well before dawn and drove from Mexican Hat, Utah (30 mi) to try and get the shot I was after. On day four the light was perfect, the clouds, the sense of space and how small we all are compared with these natural wonders. (© Jared Marshall/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Portrait of a buso man without his mask. During the Poklade, buso festivities, in Mohacs, Hungary, men are dressed as 'buso' wearing cloaks made of sheep fur, and wear wooden hand-made masks on their heads. They are not supposed to remove their masks in public, only in private yards and in private homes. (© Zsolt Repasy/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Touch down to the sunrise. I went on an adventure trip to Shiretoko Hokkaido, Japan, last February when it was the drift ice season. At the moment of sunrise, I was waiting for this eagle to land on the ice.(© Hidetoshi Kikuchi/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Beautiful Gouter. We were coming back from Mount Blanc's summit, 4810 m, feeling invincible for what we'd just accomplished. The new Gouter's refugee is outstanding and looks even lunar. Mount Blanc, Chamonix, France .(© Jean-Philippe Grimard/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Sandstorm castles. This was the first real sandstorm I encountered in the Sahara desert. Strong wind raised very coarse sand in the air. I tried to protect my camera by plastic pack, but it didn't help and the sand crunched in the lens. Sahara desert, Mounlaga dunes, Algeria. (© Alexey Kharitonov/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Firewood. A Makua man leaves his village and enters the forest to gather firewood for his family. Chitimba, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.(© Rafael Hernandez/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Svalbard. The high cliffs of Svalbard drop steeply into the sea, the eroded green cliffs, remnant snow and aquamarine sea creating an abstract visual impression. (© Stuart Chape/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Lion Silhouette. Lion on a ridge in the Serengeti, in Tanzania. (© James Kobacker/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Lightning after dark at the Grand Canyon. Capturing the Grand Canyon on this amazing night was a night I will never forget. I waited and waited long after dark telling my fiance and my student that we might get lucky. It paid off and when the first bolt struck, I yelled to the both of them to grab their tripods and I stayed and shot for over 2 hours. Was one of the best moments of my life as a photographer!(© Scott Stulberg/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Aurora Borealis at the famous Kirkjufell in Iceland. (© Nicholas Roemmelt/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Fishing on the Rice Terraces. These men were hunting for frogs in the rice terrace ponds of Yuanyang County, China, at sunset.(© Shawn Talbot/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Evening light over Hamnoy, a small fishing village in the municipality of Moskenes in Nordland county, Norway. It is located on the eastern side of Moskenesoya, about 1.5 kilometers northeast of Reine, along the Vestfjorden.(© Adrian Ritz/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

LightSource. Young Monk finds a perfect light source to read his book inside of his pagoda - Old Bagan, Burma.(© Marcelo Castro/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 

Angry Bird. A Common Grackle in Lawrence County, Illinois. (© Ryan Roush/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest# 


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