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Jan 21 2014

We Need to Know About Both Science And Spirituality

by My Inner Space

"In order to understand the way our brains behave, we can observe our emotions and their effects. In the past, it seemed as though science and spirituality were opposed to each other. However, it’s not a useful division to maintain,...

Jul 09 2013

Think – Ephemeral Emotions

by My Inner Space

All emotions are ephemeral. They come... then, go. You stay. -Zen Quote

Feb 16 2012

I Feel Like Paying a Tribute to Love – Testimony

by My Inner Space


Have you recently had an opportunity to show your love for someone? To acknowledge this powerful emotion, identify it, and share it with those around you? To appreciate what life has to offer and what is inside and around you?...

Jan 03 2012

Freeing Up Space – an act of transformation

by Sylvie Robitaille

Our home reflects our way of being and living. It bears witness to our relationships with life and with ourselves, as a sort of bridge between exterior and interior realities. It receives and transmits energy. Our home is made of...

Dec 08 2011

14 rue Orléans

by Marie-Claude Dumont


My heart is filled with childhood memories. There are some that fade with time and others that I love to rekindle, even after 30 years. My olfactory memory has remained virtually intact despite the years, no doubt thanks to the...