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All posts for October 2017

Oct 30 2017

Mindfulness for Children

by My Inner Space

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. It can help parents and caregivers, too, by promoting happiness and relieving stress. Here, we offer basic tips for...

Oct 24 2017

Health and Wellness: 5 eye-popping solutions for insomnia

by My Inner Space

As a mom, a wife, and the owner of a marketing company, it doesn’t take much to get my mind racing — especially at night. I’d like to say I’ve done my best work at 3 a.m., but the truth...

Oct 19 2017

Yes, you can exercise too much — and raise your risk of an early death, study finds

by My Inner Space

Let’s face it — at some time or another, we’ve all felt guilty about not going to the gym enough. But according to a new study from Mayo Clinic Proceedings, those who go to the gym and exercise around 8...

Oct 03 2017

Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, And More

by My Inner Space

Many Europeans believe in the benefits of napping so much that they shut down in the afternoon to allow everyone to take a quick power nap, recharge, and come back to work. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in the U.S....