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All posts for May 2012

May 31 2012

The Bathroom – A Place for Purification

by Sylvie Robitaille


The bathroom is an ideal place for energy transformation and, above all, the perfect environment for taking care of yourself in complete privacy. It is a room associated with femininity, beauty, and family well-being based on relaxation of the body...

May 24 2012

Gymnopedies No. 1 – Patricia Spero – Classical Harp

by My Inner Space


About Patricia Spero

May 22 2012

Why Our Neurons Need Others to Survive

by Melik NGUEDAR


A new way of looking at the human brain is gaining traction: our neurons engage in continuous resonance with the neurons of others. Our inner selves are in direct communication; our brains are “neuro-social.” As important as “neuroplasticity” and just...