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May 21 2016

What a heart-healthy dietitian eats in a day

by My Inner Space

By Carmen Chai Health Reporter  Global News Trying to eat healthy can be confusing for some Canadians, but what tweaks do they need to make if they’re putting their heart health first? Diet and lifestyle are major factors in keeping away...

Sep 12 2014


by My Inner Space

Open - OWN Original Shorts - Oprah Winfrey Network

Jul 31 2014

Of Kindness

by My Inner Space

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain Read more Image source: Kenshi photo

May 13 2014

”… what they’re looking for could be found in a single rose…”

by My Inner Space

“People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet they don't find what they're looking for... They don't find it," I answered. And yet what they're looking for could be found in a...

Apr 14 2014

Celebrate Earth!

by My Inner Space

April 22 is Earth Day! More...