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Oct 29 2013

Surfing With Dolphins

by My Inner Space


Matt Hutton Photography

Mar 20 2012

… In the Wind of my Plains – Levon Minassian & Armand Amar

by My Inner Space

Title: "Sareri hovin mernem" - "I am dying in the wind of my plains" Album: "songs from a world apart"  Artists: Levon Minassian & Armand Amar

Oct 04 2011

Wherever the Winds Take Us

by Louis Gendreau

It’s easy to feel unbalanced in a world where “surfing” means navigating data by clicking on links. We now spend much of our lives travelling at the speed of light through a virtual world, an artificial digital universe. But I’d...

Sep 20 2011

Voices of the Air – Katherine Mansfield

by My Inner Space

But then there comes that moment rare When, for no cause that I can find, The little voices of the air Sound above all the sea and wind. The sea and wind do then obey And sighing, sighing double notes...