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Jun 14 2012

The Way Of Compostela, a Path To Self Discovery

by Jacques Morin


I never did find out why my parents named me Jacques. My grandmother once told me she would like to take me to Santiago de Compostela, because of my patron saint. The first woman I shared a moment of meaningful...

Apr 26 2012

We Have Arrived

by Andrée Trempe

“When I say, ‘I have arrived,’ I mean I have arrived in the here and the now—the only place, the only time where and when life is available, and that is my true home.” With these words, Vietnamese Buddhist monk...

Apr 12 2012

Sitting and Walking

by Andrée Trempe

“Be seated!” does not mean “stay seated.” “Go!” does not mean “take off.” “Be seated” is to remain centered amidst the ebb and flow of Life.  “Go” is to be at ease despite the agitation that Life brings on. Thus begins...