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Apr 23 2013

Eternal Om

by My Inner Space

May 01 2012

Contemplate – Bluebonnets

by My Inner Space

Picture was taken on April 1, 2012 near Ennis, Tx.

Apr 12 2012

Sitting and Walking

by Andrée Trempe

“Be seated!” does not mean “stay seated.” “Go!” does not mean “take off.” “Be seated” is to remain centered amidst the ebb and flow of Life.  “Go” is to be at ease despite the agitation that Life brings on. Thus begins...

Nov 17 2011

The Flight Of A Shepherd Boy – Nawang Khechog

by My Inner Space

Nawang Khechog - Flight of a Shepherd Boy

About Nawang Khechog: Nawang Khechog is a Grammy nominee and one of Tibet's formost world music composer and musician. He is also one of the first Tibetan musicians to be able to break into international world music scene with his...