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Mar 05 2019

Why you should eat an early dinner

by My Inner Space

For years, a conventional dietary recommendation stated to stabilize your blood glucose and insulin levels (thereby optimizing power and maintaining a healthy weight) is to eat three square meals a day with little snacks in between. In addition to that,...

Feb 12 2019

What Are the Advantages of Lymph Drainage Massage?

by My Inner Space

Lymph drainage massages are less popular as other kinds of massage at the USA, nevertheless they provide numerous health benefits. The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators clarifies that respiratory drainage massages are done in a particular rhythm and management to...

Sep 21 2018

Why Your Doctor Could Be Prescribing Art Courses For You

by My Inner Space

Imagine that the next time you go to your physician, they prescribe a new creative endeavor, like a community painting team or a dance workshop, with the purpose of enhancing your physical or mental health. This scenario seems to be...

Aug 09 2018

Is Everybody Happier Than You?

by My Inner Space

Social Media Depression

  According to a recent study, individuals who assessed social media the most often had almost 3 times the risk of depression. BuzzFeed host Tracy Clayton recently asked her Twitter followers to share a picture they had uploaded to social...

Jul 30 2018

Some Practical Benefits to Practicing Mindfulness

by My Inner Space

With the current around-the-clock work schedules and professional requirements, you might feel as though you're being pulled in a dozen different directions 24/7 -- and multitasking is the rule rather than the exception. Under these circumstances, taking time to be...