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Jul 25 2017

How Flowers Can Enhance Your Wellness

by My Inner Space

Taking time to stop and smell the roses may do more than serve as a reminder to live in the moment. These blooming botanicals can enrich our wellness, too.
Using flower essence to “kick-start your own healing mechanism” is a remedy first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, according the The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies. He discovered that emotions are linked to physical conditions, and found that people with a negative attitude are susceptible to illnesses. He identified seven states of emotional well-being and created 12 flower remedies to address them.
Since then, therapists have come to use flower remedies as homeopathic solutions to combat emotions like obsession, anxiety, apprehension and depression.
Here are easy ways to incorporate flowers into your everyday life in order to reap their benefits.
  • Purchase flower essential oils at health-food stores such as Whole Foods.
  • Place flower petals into an ice tray and fill with water. Allow the ice cubes to form around the petals and use in water.
  • Buy teas that are made with fresh flowers. My favorite tea is the Yogi brand Honey Lavender Stress Relief and Skin DeTox.
  • Arrange fresh flowers on a flat surface and allow them to dry. Once the petals are dried, wrap them in mesh material and use as a potpourri to give your home a flowery fragrance.
  • Create your own flower essences! Boiling the flower and its twig in a pot of filtered or mineral water. Allow the flowers to simmer 30 minutes, and then allow the flowers to cool (with the lid on the pot) for another 30 minutes. Filter out the flower and the twigs and pour leftover water into a bottle. Use this remedy to rub on points of tension on the body or waft under nose for the aromatic qualities.
  • Purchase Bach Flower Remedies targeted to your needs.
Here are five flowers to get you started. 
These suggestions are from The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies about how to enhance overall wellness with flower power.
1. Wild Rose
Using wild rose essence helps people to become self-motivated and regain curiosity about life. Roses can also be used to alleviate menopausal and pre-menstrual symptoms. These beauties also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help maintain a clear complexion.
2. Lavender
Lavender is best known for its ability to induce a restful sleep. Its calming aroma can be used to calmanxiety. Pick these purple flowers to treat acne by killing bacteria; They kill bacteria in the skin and sooth infected blemishes. The calming effect lavender’s aroma projects eases headaches and tension around the sinuses and temples.
3. Honey Suckle
Feeling homesick? Nostalgic? Honeysuckle allows its users to keep the happy feelings from the past, but provides them with strength to move forward without longing for distant memories. Honeysuckle can be used to help a grieving person heal and is beneficial for those experiencing sorrow.
4. Water Violet
Our world is overrun with technology, and “FaceTiming” with our iPhones is more common than face-to-face time with our friends. Because communication through various technologies is so readily available, it’s become easy to see the world only through an LCD lens. Although some people may enjoy their alone time, social interaction is important for well-being.
Feelings that accompany isolation, such as loneliness and depression, can be remedied with water violet. Water violet helps one discover security within themselves to trust communication and reap the benefits that come from sharing.
5. Mimulus
Unless you’re superman (or woman), fearlessness is not a quality most of us mortals possess. Whether your fear be rational or irrational, the mimulus flower is helpful in soothing panic and taming fright.  The flower allows us to find the courage within ourselves to go beyond what we believe our limits to be. Mimulus calms the apprehension that arises when we are confronted with a fear and allows us to respond appropriately with a clear mind.
By. Leila Milgrim: Source:

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