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Jun 21 2012

Awaken to Your Mission

by Sylvie Berube

Rediscovering the JOY of being in HARMONY with oneself and others.


Surely you have asked yourself, “What is my mission, my reason for being on Earth? How can I contribute and make a difference in the world? To which family of souls do I belong? Do I have the soul of a healer, a communicator, an artist, a leader, or a builder?”

For some people their mission is to heal themselves or to heal others. For others it is to learn to live alone or in a group, to have children, to communicate their ideas in writing, to be independent and autonomous, to reach others through art, to cultivate the soil, to invent, etc.

There are many professions that let you fulfill your mission. For some people the choice is too vast. The nature of your work, however, doesn’t necessarily determine your mission. You could be a woman who teaches but who has the soul of a healer, and who transmits loving energy to children. Likewise, you could be a healer with the soul of a teacher. Maybe you are a gas station attendant with the soul of a healer who brings beautiful smiles to all your customers, sowing joy all around you.

Everyone has both a personal mission and a transpersonal mission. The first is tied to the nature of your being, the second, to your actions.

Your personal mission is the personal challenge you must overcome and as such constitutes your initiation. Your personal mission is related to your self. Here are some examples: learning to love yourself, to affirm yourself, to express your emotions, or to develop self-confidence. Everyone is somehow tested, whether that test is your health, job, family, money, love, etc. The test is the initiation into your mission and as such opens the way for you to fulfill your mission.

The transpersonal mission is in relationship to others. It is what you have to communicate, share, or teach others after you have accomplished your personal mission. Both missions, personal and intrapersonal, are directly linked and dependent on one another.

Take alcoholism for example. An alcoholic’s personal mission is release their pain by expressing their emotions rather than drinking to drown their suffering. Their transpersonal mission, even if they are a lawyer in their professional life, is to help others down the same path along which they have already traveled.

Take a few moments and discover what limits your ability to express who you are. In doing so you will discover your own personal mission. Then contemplate what you can offer others while remaining faithful to your personal mission and you will discover your transpersonal mission.

Welcome the steps in your mission. Be patient and persevere. Don’t expect to get it all overnight. Be creative. Take one step at a time. What’s important is to proceed along the path of your mission step by step. Contemplate the people you attract, the experiences you have, and the challenges dealt to you. Listen to the signs that life sends to guide you along your way. The whole Universe conspires to help you on this journey. Many people resist their trials and initiations. Fear takes hold and paralyzes them. They are frozen with anxiety and can’t move. The antidote to fear is action. Move, go forward, even if slowly, even if just a small step. Go forward and enter into the flow of life, into the big game that life presents.

It is important to recognize your talents and gifts. If you don’t know yours then ask those around you to help you identify them. However, you can discover them by experimenting with different activities, keeping your spirit open and observing others, approaching those who inspire you, pursuing activities that give you a sense of well-being, confronting your fears, daring to move forward, and always acting based on your being, your essence, your values, your aspirations, your impulses, and your dreams; by overcoming the challenges that life throws at you, by asking for help or helping others. It then becomes easier to find your way onto the path that lets you evolve.

If you have many talents, find a mission that unearths your gifts. Your challenge is to identify an all-encompassing talent that nourishes the totality of your other innate talents.

If you are alone and have a big dream then encourage solidarity, cooperation, and mutual assistance.Talk about your dream. Bring others together with similar values to your own. You can create and participate in a collective project by uniting people with specific talents and allowing each person to contribute to the same goal. All have the opportunity to thrive, to succeed, and to carry out a common mission. This coming together of several talents lets everyone contribute and make
a difference.

Awakening to your mission demands that you dare to be yourself, to be different, to bring change, to courageously assert your convictions, and to take risks and march into the unknown. Leave your cocoon, show yourself, talk about what excites you, about what inspires you, and what is important to you. Those who are touched by you and your words will agree to cooperate and form a team.

You can be guided to identify your mission in relationship to yourself and others, to discover your personal and intrapersonal missions, to throw off the restraints that prevent you from participating in and contributing to the world, to discover your life’s path, and to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from taking action. Getting in touch with your inner child or remembering your childhood dreams are good ways to discover your mission. The child is much closer than the adult to the soul, to the essence, to one’s true nature, and to one’s being.

I invite you to give meaning to your life, to blossom and become who you are, to succeed by acting based on who you are, and to find fulfillment by accomplishing the ultimate goal of your being. It is worth it TO DO everything TO BE, to devote time to your passion, to what excites you, to what brings you joy, and to what stimulates your life drive and creativity.

We all have the power to create our life! First we must know how TO BE and TO ACT based on the nature of our BEING.

About the author

Sylvie Bérubé is the author of "Dans le ventre d’Ève : à la découverte du féminin en soi" (foreword by Marie Lise Labonté, published by Christian Feuillette) and the creator of the card game "Les Pouvoirs d’Ève". Her book invites us to reflect on what it means "to be or not to be feminine" and on the importance of freeing oneself to experience one’s femininity. She shows women and men how to recognize their feminine power, their "Sacred Femininity," and to dance between their feminine and masculine polarities.

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