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Mar 29 2012


by Elaine Drolet

We nourish ourselves daily, at every moment, with either energy or devitalization. Our senses act as the doorway to our internal state. To elevate our vitality and our well-being, we first need some conscience and vigilance. Here are a few simple tips that can easily be integrated to your daily life...

Eating Well

The importance of a good diet is well known. A long list of diets exists to help us get back into shape, each with their own purpose. What really counts is to choose to eat well starting with what is good for us (not just what we want!). Every day, we should ask ourselves this question: today, did I take the time to eat well?

See The beauty In Everything

When we wake up and open our eyes, our brain registers a multitude of details. Do I first notice the TV, recounting the tragedies of the last 24 hours? Am I stimulated by the number of cars on the road and the ugly buildings that line the route to my office or am I more dazzled by my neighbor’s smile or the rays of sunshine that light up the front of my house as I leave for work? Our visual perceptions remain plentiful; we can intensify the impact of what we wish to see.

Smell Life

Our universe is full of odors. The effects of aromatherapy on our bodies and minds are well established. If I need energy, I celebrate the virtues of cinnamon. If it is calm that I require, lavender is the key. Above and beyond its vital function of oxygenating the body, the nose also fills us with emotion. If the aroma of coffee comforts me in the morning, I like to breathe it in deeply.  If I am nursing a cold, why not add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a warm bath!  When I walk to my car, do I run for shelter or do I fill my lungs with the generous morning air that will probably sustain me until the evening? We always have a choice!

Listen To Music

With a 20 minute trip ahead of me before arriving at work, I listen to a call-in radio show, where people are invited to express themselves and I listen with interest to each person’s perspective. Yet, I arrive at work exhausted, despite the fact that it is spring and the birds have started chirping. Why did I subject my ears to so many negative elements when I could have enjoyed the folk album I recently purchased which makes me feel warm and dreamy?

Touch Someone’s Heart

I woke up with a heavy heart, thinking about all my responsibilities. I have a big day ahead. I cannot forget anything. I have to pack my daughter’s bags as she will be at her father’s tonight, I should put the recycling out, I need to add one more comment to the document that I am presenting today, and I must sign my son’s exams…and what about the hugs? My spouse kissed me tenderly as he left. Did I even look at him? My daughter drew me a picture; did I stop to truly admire it or to take her in my arms? Did I give thanks for this new day or did I simply go through the motions of my daily routine? We are not machines; the vital energy we run on is love. Do I know how to give and receive it?

Our senses allow us to capitalize on our inner lives. At the end of the day, am I energy rich or poor?

About the author

Without a pedigree to show a specific role to play, I am Elaine. I define myself in relationship to others, like a mirror, an experience. Every day presents me with the opportunity to discover who I am. My senses reveal life to me in all its beauty and depth. My heart beats to the rythm of sensitive encounters, the laughter of children, and life's everyday pleasures. I am without age, gender or nationality. I live in the universe or rather the universe lives in me. I am as indistinct as I am vast, as nationality. I live in the universe or rather the universe lives in me. I am as indistinct as I am vast, as abundant as I am empty, as limited as I am infinite. It's wonderful. I breathe, I feel, I live, like you do...

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