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Sep 26 2011

Thoughts from the Heart

by Gilianne Fortin

Do you think eating well to stay healthy is a good idea? “Of course,” you’ll say.
I remember, however, that thirty years ago many people didn’t see any connection between the two and even laughed at the idea. What’s happened since then? You have acquired knowledge on this subject and have become aware of the importance of eating well, a key step to good health.

Thoughts from the Heart

Now let’s imagine that you are eating a delicious, healthy meal, but at the same time,
your brain is flooded with negative thoughts, and an inner voice is focusing on your worries, fears, or problems to be solved. Will your body benefit from this great meal?
Let’s imagine that you then go for a walk in the park, but the same inner voice tags
along with emotions of anger toward your spouse as well. What a shame! Whether
or not you are aware of it, thought mechanisms can work both for and against you.

Thoughts create us

Your brain produces about 60,000 thoughts a day—repetitive thoughts that are always
the same and rather negative. Far too many people are still unaware of the influence
their thoughts have on achieving their professional and personal goals and making
their dreams come true. Proper thought management is among the easiest and most effective tools you can use to make changes. Becoming aware of what shaped you in
the past, eliminating negative messages, choosing what you want to keep as your idea
of yourself, your work, and your life, and adopting positive behavior will all help you
instill health and well-being in all its forms in your life. Because thoughts create us,
we have choices to make.

Thoughts from the heart for greater happiness

The energy source that helps your being heal and flourish is love. When you let
your thoughts slide gently toward your heart, while taking the time to feel the benefits throughout your body using your five senses, the power you have to express them is greatly increased. Repeating a thought and its associated emotion put you on the fast
track to achievement. Whether you’re in love or in fear, you are powerful! What do
you want to create?

When I discovered the power of thought, I was able to improve a number of aspects
of my life. However, there were still some where one positive thought wasn’t enough.
I therefore looked to see what was in my heart. By listening to its aches and pains,
I was able to let love rise up and transform these situations, which first required healing
of the heart.

When we line up our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings in the same direction,
we have a powerful tool of change. It is indeed up to us to formulate our intentions
and desires. Another important point should also be considered: we have to let things
unfold as they will and let the divine intelligence within us take action to ensure the
best outcome for us.

Here’s what I suggest for getting the most out
of all your experiences

• Learn to calm your mind and change your negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones that fill you with a sense of well-being.

Relearn to think

• Savor the love you are continually presented in all its myriad forms. Give yourself
up to the divine intelligence within you.

Relearn to love

• Express your tastes and talents on a daily basis, as this is the path to joy and success.

Nurture the best in yourself

“I’m walking through the woods again and realize how lucky I am to be able to take
time to take care of the beautiful person that I am. I am savoring this moment intensely.
I notice the gentle breeze on my skin and the smell of earth and fir trees. I am grateful
in my heart for this blessed moment. I enjoy seeing myself healthy and happy. I am at
one with my heart and feel love for the people who are part of my life. Thank you, life!”

"Happiness is quite simply a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant for a good portion of time." Maxwell Maltz

Take a break, don’t just exist!

We let ourselves get carried away in a rat race of activities, but we also let ourselves
get overwhelmed by the constant whirlwind of our thoughts, judgments, and assessments. In this flurry of moments, successfully remaining inactive becomes a veritable feat of strength. Take a break. Do nothing. It’s one of the most difficult and courageous things, but also one of the most gratifying that a human being can succeed in accomplishing.
Take a few minutes a day to just be.

About the author

Gilianne has a passion for understanding human behavior as well as expression and healing tools that help you be your best you. She has always been concerned with healthy living, eating a conscious and balanced diet, and staying in shape. Her most cherished values are respect, genuineness, and harmony in relationships. At lectures and individual consultations, she teaches you to utilize your physical, mental, and emotional potential positively to help you reach a higher level of well-being. Gilianne knows how to reach her audience with her heart and teaches with respect and honesty.

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