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Aug 17 2011

Breathing the Pure Air of the Heights

by Jean Proulx

The meaning of life for everyone consists of climbing the heights of the Humanity that resides within us, to breathe the pure air at the top. It is a journey into the self.

Listen to the awakened ones, who have long been camped up there

We should remember that others before us have climbed the inner mountain. They are camped at the top, and a number have been taking turns minding the sacred fire for centuries. These awakened beings, whom we refer to as “born again,” have learned to breathe the bracing air of the upper atmosphere.

In some, the pure air at the heights of their Humanity has transformed into creativity. They are known as “creative geniuses.” They bear witness to Life’s power of invention. They transform sound into music, words into poems, and numbers into equations. Up there they have heard what the ancient Greeks called the “music of the spheres,” and have relayed it to us. In others, the pure air of the upper atmosphere has turned into courage. They are known as “heroes,” who bear witness, in their actions, to the powerful breath of the soul, an inner strength that helps them face the trials and dangers of existence.

There are also “sages” among the campers up there. The translucence of the air is expressed through them. They are beings of meditation and good judgment, beings of presence and detachment, who bear witness to the meaning they have allowed to grow within themselves. Through their words and actions, they accomplish their work of light. Then there are the “saints,” in whom the pure air at the top is transmuted into love, a profoundly altruistic, detached, and universal love, both unconditional and filled with respect for the dignity of every human being.


Acknowledge the highest calling of your inner Humanity

These high frequency energies—those of the creative genius, hero, sage, and saint—are present in each one of us. They exist in us and through us. They call on us from the heights of our being. It is up to us to learn to breathe the pure air at the summit of our Humanity.

We are all, in fact, called on to follow the path to become human and, if the journey is to be a good one, we must climb our inner mountain. We must raise up our souls to the fore of our being and breathe the pure air of our best energies as long as possible.

These high frequency energies are creative, illuminating, and binding, compared to low frequency energies, which are dark, destructive, and separating. The positive energies are the source of our actions of birth, our courage to be in this world, the meaning given to our existence, and our altruistic attitude. And extraordinarily, these high frequency energies beget the joy of being in the world, while low frequency energies beget sadness.

Let moments of grace happen within

When the artist’s breath of life is nourished by the pure air of the upper atmosphere of his Humanity, delicate moments of grace occur. The inner ear and eye open up to a new level of resonance. The harmony of sublime music is then heard or the color spectrum of a dazzling light can be seen.

In the splendor of a moment of grace, consciousness expands to infinity. And everyone is conscious of being both their own souls and the souls of others, their own souls and the Soul of the World. Everything becomes clear, like a prism of glass. Everything is connected, like an indivisible fabric.

The artist of life breathes the Great Wind, which dances even in the slightest breeze in the air up there. Aware that he is in a microcosm, the artist senses that all things reside within. Like the pearls on the net of the god Indra, who is reflected in them, the artist of life knows he is himself the reflection of everything that is.

Fulfill your mission as an artisan of beauty in the world

Awakened, the artist of beauty learns to act, in every moment, as if at the dawn of a new world. The winds on high blow through him and help him create beauty all around him. Tomorrow, when he returns from up there transformed, he can write of his wounds in the sand, where the wind can carry them away and engrave his joys in everlasting stone.

Tomorrow, when he returns from up there, he will have learned to hear the voices of silence in the coolness of the evening. Able to pick up the subtle wavelengths of the highest frequencies, he can stay in synch with these cosmic vibrations, pure as the whiteness of eternal snow. And at sunrise, he will have learned that his mission as an artist of life is to echo these vibrations in the vast universe.

The Universe will then conspire with the artist of life (cum spirare: breathe with, share the same breath). Because he knows, like the campers up there, that by harmonizing with the Cosmic Breath, he will become, in his words and actions, an artisan of beauty in the world. The pure air on high—the one that produces creative geniuses, courageous heroes, wise sages, and loving saints—remains within him and spreads all around him.

Each one of us is called upon to vibrate at the highest note of our raison d’être. If we are here now, with the gifts we have received, it is for the purpose of accomplishing a work of beauty that can help save the world. The artist of life wants his words and actions to be acts of birth and seeds of beauty. He resembles the dancer raised by the Spirit of beautiful cosmic choreography. This great Breath of the cosmos does indeed dance in him.

About the author

Jean Proulx is a philosopher, theologian, and former secretary-general of Quebec’s Conseil supérieur de l’éducation. He contributes to various journals, gives lectures, and teaches philosophy in continuing education at Université Laval. He has published a number of works, including Artisan de la beauté du monde and La chorégraphie divine at Éditions du Septentrion and Le Dieu cosmique and L’Héritage spirituelle amérindienne, in collaboration with Jacques Languirand, at Éditions Le Jour.

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