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Sep 19 2017

Philosophy can teach children what Google can’t

by My Inner Space

by Charlotte Blease At the controls of driverless cars, on the end of the telephone when you call your bank or favourite retailer: we all know the robots are coming, and in many cases are already here. Back in 2013,...

Sep 06 2017

The healing power of nature

by My Inner Space

The longer the trip, the more healing occurs,’ says the geologist Peter Winn, who has been leading expeditions down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon since the 1960s. ‘Healing happens for people almost without exception.’ The most dramatic transformations...

Sep 05 2017

Cognitive Restructuring: The Complete Guide on How to Reframe Your Beliefs

by My Inner Space

by Steven Handel “Cognitive restructuring” is a tool used by psychologists and therapists to help identify beliefs that are maladaptive and destructive to our lives, and then reframe them to new beliefs that are more constructive and healthy. The basic...

Aug 29 2017

Life-saving fruit and vegetable diet need only be three portions – study

by My Inner Space

New research reveals daily dose of just 375g of fruit, vegetables and beans are sufficient to reduce risk of stroke, heart disease or premature death, and could help low-income consumers Wolfing down a mountain of fruit and vegetables every day...

Aug 21 2017

A collection of talks from Jordan Peterson

by My Inner Space

One of the most brilliant contemporary thinkers shares some life advice.