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Jan 03 2012

Freeing Up Space – an act of transformation

by Sylvie Robitaille

Our home reflects our way of being and living. It bears witness to our relationships with life and with ourselves, as a sort of bridge between exterior and interior realities. It receives and transmits energy.

Our home is made of energy. It evolves just like us. It is a center of energy undergoing constant transformation. We can learn to interact in a more conscientious and respectful manner with the spaces we occupy. So a new equilibrium, a life in harmony with the energy around us becomes possible.

Our contact with our home is expressed in space as energy and, depending on our perceptions, it guides us along the path of self-awareness. Beyond the physical dimension of its structure and contents, the space contains a flux of emotional, spiritual, and etheric energies.

The thoughts and emotions of those in the space always influence the prevailing emotional energy. Emotions have their own energy structure, which leaves an imprint on the physical objects and all that surrounds them. The home’s structure may, in turn, affect emo-tional energy.

When we become aware of all this, it becomes impe-rative to clear out the space and get rid of all that is useless or superficial by sorting, keeping only what is essential, and learning to let go of the past. Accumulated objects are a weight. Offloading your belongings will free you from the past and leave you open to new experiences.

Main sources of blockage

• Any kind of dirtiness dust, grease, grime, or garbage. Low vibration energies gather around dirty areas.

• The energy of predecessors both the structure and content of the experiences of previous dwellers permeate the walls. Like dirt, energy accumulates in layers. Although it may be invisible, its effects are nonetheless real.

• Disorder all that impedes free circulation of energy in space. Disorder tends to create blockages and confusion in the inhabitants’ lives.

The rule is quite simple disorder arises when energy stagnates, and energy stagnates where disorder accumulates. To break this vicious cycle we must reestablish order, and purify the space.

Elements of disorder

• Things that have lost their usefulness or appeal

• Objects left about in an untidy or disorganized manner

• Too many objects in a small space

• All that is left to be finished later

Negative effects of disorder

• Feelings of fatigue, lethargy, depression

• Nostalgia, attachment to the past

• Blockages, energy knots in the body

• Weight gain

• Confusion, difficulty concentrating

• Lack of self-respect

• Relationship conflicts

• Procrastination, difficulty making decisions

So, we are better off choosing what goes into our environment than finding ourselves at the mercy of our own inaction and lack of clarity. By acting on our surroundings with positive intentions, energy is renewed, and we experience positive changes.

Good riddance

• Everything you hang onto “just in case,” because “you never know”

• Anything that piles up and accumulates indefinitely and unnecessarily

• Worn out and outdated clothes, the “never worns”

• Items that are “non-identifiable,” of unknown origin

• Collections of objects with no value

• Objects to be repaired or that cannot be repaired

• Garbage and expired products

And most importantly, don’t forget the garage, car, handbag, briefcase, wallet, computer, medicine cabinet, bathroom, pantry, refrigerator, filing cabinets, desk, and, finally, the bedside table and under the bed. Always question the value, usefulness, and function of an object and whether it really brings you pleasure and delight.

Purifying a space

To eradicate accumulated negative energy we can use purification techniques and rituals. A variety of methods arising from ancestral traditions are available. It is essential to purify the space regularly, especially those areas where energy tends to stagnate like in corners and following certain emotionally charged events.

Priority areas

An uncluttered, welcoming, well-lit, and airy entrance reflects well on the occupants. It is the energy gateway and must be inviting, attracting positive energy while repelling unwanted energy.

Attics, basements, and storage rooms are spaces where memories and the imprints of time are often piled up and encrusted. Progress takes place when we clear these spaces of the shadows of the past.

By cleaning out our drawers, we accomplish the symbolic act of letting go. We encourage the elimination of emotional residue that has become attached to us via our belongings.

Energy circulation

To promote optimal energy flow, particular attention should be paid to the energy path: the chi. Energy moves in a circular and spiral fashion. It follows a
different trajectory depending on what lies in its path. So, a harmoniously arranged room favors a slightly sinuous path, avoiding the straight lines that accele-rate energy and leave us feeling depleted.

The power of intention

The home is thus a mirror of the conscience. Like the body it is a symbolic reflection of our inner states. By arranging our living space to be attractive and comfortable, we promote inner peace and spiritual clarity. Both are laudable and attainable goals. We should stop and take time to set the intention that underlies our approach. This is the key to successful transformation because intention guides the path of energy.

About the author

SYLVIE ROBITAILLE A graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute in Los Angeles, California, Sylvie Robitaille has practiced interior design for more than 12 years. She combines both disciplines to offer unique expertise. She recommends stylish and functional layouts that meet her customers’ needs. Creating spaces where people feel good is what motivates her. She also gives talks, writes articles, and presents workshops.

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