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Jan 20 2015

The Native American Sweat Lodge… Where did it come from?

by My Inner Space


Origin of the Temescal by Mikkel Aaland While Rome was building her Empire, the Mayans were building theirs. Their civilization covered most of Guatemala and extended into central Mexico.The Maya matched nearly all that Rome was known for; their arts...

Jan 20 2015

Cymatics in Action

by My Inner Space


Cymatics is the science of sound altering the physical structure of matter. The video below is of a speaker with a metal plate above it. The plate is covered with sand, then different sound frequencies are played through the speaker.......

Jan 20 2015

3 Best Essential Oils For Cold And Flu

by My Inner Space


Cure a case of the sniffles—naturally By Tieraona Low Dog, MD   Cool weather makes you more vulnerable to viruses. To fight back, pump moisture into your airspace. The reason: Viruses that spark colds and flu thrive when it's cool and...

Jan 20 2015

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

by My Inner Space


causes - face and scalp irritation the causes of headaches and tension in the scalp are due to tightness of the muscle that surrounds the skull. tension, or muscular headaches occur when you strain the muscles of your head and...

Jan 08 2015

Many People Wonder About the Science Behind Chromotherapy… To Understand Chromotherapy, You Must Understand Light

by My Inner Space


The sun as it appears in X-ray light (left) and extreme ultraviolet light (right). Light as energy Light is remarkable. It is something we take for granted every day, but it's not something we stop and think about very often...