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Jan 21 2016

Mindfulness could help prevent obesity in children

by My Inner Space


Based on a study of connections between the brain and appetite, researchers at Vanderbilt University think teaching mindfulness practices to children could help treat or prevent obesity. Unhealthy eating patterns associated with an imbalance between connections in the brain could...

Jan 12 2016

Resistance Training For The Brain

by My Inner Space


Written By: Brenda Kelley Kim It’s common knowledge that exercise has many benefits. While it can keep the heart healthy and the muscles strong, there are mental benefits as well. Whether it’s the endorphins that long distance runners report, or...

Dec 16 2015

Low-carb beats low-fat in a meta-analysis of 17 clinical trials.

by My Inner Space


In a new study published in the Journal PLOS ONE, a meta-analysis of seventeen randomized clinical trials provides insight into the relative benefits of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets in terms of weight lost, cholesterol and the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular...