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Sep 06 2016

10 health reasons to go hiking this winter

by My Inner Space


During winter most of us like to sit under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee. While this may be soothing for the soul, getting off the couch is better for your health. Going on regular hikes can improve...

Aug 24 2016

Is Co-Bathing With Your Newborn Safe?

by My Inner Space


by SAMANTHA DARBY I didn't know much about babies when I had my daughter, which is probably why I was more than a little nervous that I was doing something wrong. Her first bath was full of me freaking out, especially...

Aug 10 2016

Do you suffer from Back Pain but haven’t tried Hydro-Thermo Massage yet?

by My Inner Space


Learn more at Back pain is very common. It affects about 8 out of 10 people. Your job can be a major influence on back health. If your work requires heavy lifting or sitting all day, you risk hurting...